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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fingershield?

Fingershield is a uPVC/Nitrile device designed to protect fingers from crushing or even amputation within the hinge area of a door.

How does the Fingershield work?

It is screw-fixed to both the door and the doorframe, creating a barrier almost the full length of the door and thus preventing fingers being exposed to the gap/hinges created when the door is opened and closed.

What is Rearshield?

The Rearshield is a uPVC/Nitrile device designed to protect fingers from crushing on the reverse side of the door where the hinge barrels are visible.

How does the Rearshield work?

It is screw-fixed to both the door and the doorframe, creating a barrier almost the full length of the door and thus preventing fingers being exposed to the gap on the rear of the door when the door is opened and closed.

What size are the Fingershield and Rearshield?

The Fingershield is 1960mm long and 192mm wide.
The Rearshield is 1960mm long and 105mm wide.

What colours are available for the Fingershield and Rearshield?

White, Brown, Black, Blue, Beige, Beech, Grey and Anthracite.

Do you do RAL colours for Fingershield/Rearshield?

RAL colours are a range of colours used in engineering, and each colour has a RAL number i.e. RAL1018, RAL 5015 etc.we don't use these as a reference for our colour range, however we can provide RAL colour reference number, which we consider to be the closest to our colours.

The colours we use are just a basic range of colours and some of them match almost identically to RAL colours but we cannot guarantee perfect matches. We can send out colour swatches to customers for them to choose from. 

Please note: The brochures and website colours are not entirely accurate.

Can the Fingershield and Rearshield be installed on fire doors?

They can both be fitted to fire doors, as they don't interfere with the opening or closing or the door, they are zero fire rated and will also act as a secondary smoke inhibitor.

Can Fingershield fit onto non-standard doors?

Fingershield can be fit onto most types of doors including Crittal doors; Swing pivot doors; External doors; Doors with fire/panic bars; Bi-folding/Concertina Doors; Metal doors; Gates; Doors with rising butt hinges.

Please speak to one of our customer advisors on 0800 046 7399 to discuss or arrange installation.

Can Fingershield be fit to uPVC doors?

If the door is a 90° opening then in most cases yes, but if it opens to 180° then it is advisable to fit a Fingershield 4 panel large device or the Cardea Pro XL.  If in doubt please speak to one of our customer advisors on 0161 413 0766.

Do you offer an installation service?

We can install any of our products, the installation costs are dependant upon location and quantity.

Prices are available from customer advisors on 0161 413 0766.

What does the warranty cover?

Each Fingershield/Rearshield device is supplied with a FREE 2 year standard warranty which covers defective materials causing failure which occurs under normal ‘wear and tear’ conditions (the opening and closing of a door, without any interference of external forces).

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident, unreasonable use, improper maintenance or other causes not arising out of defects in material.

What is the Cardea ProXL?

The Cardea ProXL is a high quality, extra strength, aluminium door guard, with an integrated fabric Roller blind mechanism built into it.  It allows for a maximum door opening most doors that open up to1800 degrees and is suitable for single swing doors, with a maximum thickness of 54mm.

The standard size is 1925mm in length, but bespoke sizes are available at an additional cost.

Happy Hands

What are Happy Hands?

They are doorstoppers that are fitted to the handle side of a door to stop the door closing fully and therefore leaving a gap that will prevent Finger-trapping and possible amputation of fingers. They are simple to fit in less than a minute.

What colours are available for the Happy Hands?

Happy Hands are available in the following colours: White, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Yellow.

Window Restrictors

How long is the Window Restrictor cable?

The Cable length is 20cm long providing an opening of 8.9cm -15cm dependant upon the chosen fixing points.

How do I fit the Cardea Window Restrictor?

The Cardea Window Restrictor can be fitted in less than 10 minutes. Please download a copy of our fitting instructions.

Can I fit a Cardea Window Restrictor to any type of window?

The Cardea Window Restrictor is suitable for most windows and doors including PVC, Aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.

Can I fit a Cardea Window Restrictor to Crittal windows?

You cannot fit a window restrictor to a Crittal window because the pane of glass is fitted behind the frame and the glass will break the glass if you drill a window restrictor to the frame.

Delivery & Returns

How much does UK delivery cost and how long does it take?

Carriage prices vary depending on order quantity and product type. All carriage prices will be displayed at the checkout before making payment.

We send orders to you within 2-3 business days.

What are your standard delivery lead times?

We provide standard products within 2-3 days of receipt of order; however in reality most of our products are actually delivered the next working day.

Delivery (excludes Window Security products)

Can I arrange delivery for a particular time slot?

Subject to availability, delivery can be arranged within particular time slots although there may be an additional charge. Contact one of our customer advisors on 0161 413 0766 to arrange.

Do you deliver on a Saturday?

Deliveries can be arranged for Saturday at an additional charge.

Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

Goods can be collected from our warehouse by prior arrangement, some of our products take a while to assemble and pack so will need to advise  you when the goods will be ready for you to collect.

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