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PatioSafe Product Range

PatioSafe is a revolutionary product designed to prevent finger-trapping accidents by stopping patio and conservatory doors from slamming unexpectedly.

PatioSafe In Patio Door Restrictor On Top of the Door

Safer Patio Doors

PatioSafe was designed to prevent patio and conservatory doors from slamming unexpectedly, which can cause painful and traumatic finger-trapping injuries. With two variations of PatioSafe available, you can choose either the Over Door or Under Frame option to prevent your doors slamming.

Over Door Option

The first PatioSafe to be launched was the Over Door option. This option simply hooks over the top of the door and sits in the restrictor rail, preventing the slider from allowing the door to close.

With no tools required to install, the PatioSafe it is easy to place in the door restrictor channel and removed to allow the door to close again.

Manufactured in the UK, the PatioSafe is provided with a 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty.

PatioSafe Being Placed In the Rail on Top of the Patio door
PatioSafe Under Door Version In-Situ

Under Frame Option

An alternative to the Over Door option, is the Under Frame variant of the PatioSafe.

This again requires no tools to install and simply sits in the restrictor rail of the door frame. It uses magnets to hold it in place, preventing the slider from allowing the door to close.

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