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Keeping loved ones with dementia safe

As our population ages, the number of people living with dementia is on the rise. Dementia is a debilitating disease that can leave a person needing specialist care. It is devastating to watch a loved one lose control of their faculties and become a shell of what they once were. This makes it vital to ensure that anyone with dementia is looked after, including safety – proofing their living areas in order to effectively protect them from themselves.

One way in which dementia sufferers can come into harm is through tampering; they can forget that they have tampered, causing them issues. In particular, tampering with plug sockets can have devastating consequences for dementia sufferers, as there are a wide range of important plugs where unplugging can have dire consequences, such as fridges, freezers or medical equipment.

Socketsafe is the answer to this problem. Like other socket covers, they protect the socket from potentially dangerous tampering, but unlike other socket covers they also allow use of the socket itself, allowing you to keep vital appliances plugged in and running with the peace of mind that a threat to your loved one has been eliminated.

Installation is simple, and security is assured as Socketsafe comes with a key – lockable system. There is enough to worry about when one of your loved ones suffers from dementia, so take the stress out of your sockets with Socketsafe.

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