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Cardea Pro Secure Window Restrictor


The Cardea Pro Secure Window Restrictor is designed to eliminate the risk of injury caused by falls from windows by restricting the opening of a window between 10cm and 15cm in line with HSE guidelines.

Suitable for the home and workplace including care homes, hotels, schools and offices.

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How it Works

The Cardea Pro Secure Window Restrictor has been designed to prevent people from falling out of windows, restricting the window so it only allows it to open as far as 10-15cm in line with HSE guidelines. Suitable for healthcare and educational establishments, it is supplied with tamper-proof screws. With a total cable length of 200mm, the standard window restrictor can restrict your window opening to the desired length.

This makes the window impossible to climb out of, therefore reducing the risk of accident and injury. It is easy to fit and suitable for use on all kinds of windows and even doors – including PVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles.

Key Operated for Access Control

The Pro Secure window restrictor is provided with a key which means that the restrictor cable cannot be unlocked or removed without the keyholder’s knowledge.

The HSE states that there are three broad categories of fall; accidental, falls arising out of a confused mental state, and deliberate self-harm or suicide. This makes the restrictor particularly suited to hospitals, care homes and schools. Many hotels also install window restrictors, offering reassurance to guests who are allocated rooms on high floors.

Simple Installation

The window restrictor can be installed in just 10 minutes in most locations, allowing you to provide safety and security on your premises quickly.

Additional information


(L) 200mm x (H) 50mm x (W) 35mm




Simple to Install.
Can be installed in less than 5 minutes.

Tools Required

Drill & flat head screwdriver.


Zinc Alloy.
Woven plastic covered stainless steel.


Generally suited to windows above ground level, especially where young children and vulnerable adults have access.


12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

What's Included

• Lock.
• Cable and window fixing plate.
• 1 x Key.
• 4 x Tamper proof screws.
• 2 x Screw Caps.
• Instructions.

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