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Why does a coat hook that deliberately snaps exist?

Not to sound paranoid, but there is danger everywhere. The number of innocuous ways in which you can cause yourself a mischief is pretty much endless, and the safety industry in general is founded on the principle that people can hurt themselves in pretty much any way you can think of.

This paranoia feels more justified when it comes to your children. One potential accident that is worryingly becoming more common is coat hook ligature. This is where a person (usually a child) gets a bag/item of clothing stuck on a coat hook and as a result is strangled. Picture getting something caught on a door handle, but vertical. It may not be as common as some other child accidents, but it is arguably much more serious when it does happen.

However, the other side of the human coin is that we are capable of brilliant solutions for the problems we cause ourselves, and this scenario is no different. Cardea Solutions is proud to present the Anti-Ligature Hook. It is a coat hook just like any other…up to a point. That point is 26lbs, at which point the coat hook snaps downward, releasing its’ burden (which may well include a panicking child!) before snapping back into place using magnetic force.

Given that the average school backpack is estimated to weigh 12-20 pounds, the Anti-Ligature Hook can be relied upon to bear the loads it is supposed to just as much as it can be trusted to discharge the ones it isn’t! It also comes in a variety of colours to suit a range of settings.

You can find out more about the Anti – Ligature Hook, such as how easy it is to install or how hard it is to tamper with, by checking it out here on our website. Alternatively, get in contact with our friendly team at 0161 869 6551.

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